Lady Gaga gets concussion

During the last Born This Way Ball show in Auckland, one of Lady Gaga’s dancers, Mark, accidentally hit Gaga on the head, with a pole while she was performing Judas. Tara Savelo, Lady Gaga’s make up artist, confirms that Gaga has a concussion but that she’s alright. Lady Gaga continued the show  and performed 16 songs after getting hit, and even met some fans backstage. She also said to the audience: “I want to apologize, I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion but don’t you worry I will finish this show”. Check out the video of the incident below:



Video: Lady Gaga laughs as she says she might have a concussion. 


— Tara Savelo (@TaraSavelo) June 10, 2012


– Joe Germanotta (@germanottajoe) June 10, 2012

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