Born This Way Ball Setlist

Check out the setlist of Lady Gaga’s brand new sold out tour “THE BORN THIS WAY BALL” 2012-2013 below, which includes 25 songs and a few interludes. Changes to the list will be updated as they happen. (Last Update: North American setlist, January 2013)


  • Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
  • Government Hooker
  • Born This Way
  • Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
  • Bloody Mary
  • Bad Romance
  • Judas


  • Fashion of His Love
  • Just Dance
  • LoveGame
  • Telephone


  • Hair
  • Electric Chapel
  • Heavy Metal Lover
  • Bad Kids
  • The Queen (acoustic)
  • Yoü & I (acoustic)
  • Born This Way (acoustic)


  • Americano
  • Poker Face
  • Alejandro
  • Paparazzi
  • Scheiße


  • The Edge of Glory (acoustic and studio version)
  • Marry The Night

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  • Andrew

    I hope she sings… The Queen

  • Little Monster :)

    Telephone too!!

  • GagaInIndo

    what about FASHION OF HIS LOVE ?

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  • Djole_Judas

    Judas! ^^

  • Julia

    in Russia did not show live, what to do?

  • 053timo

    WHERE IS JUDAS???????

    • Tereza Anjelik Filipková

      In the first act, the last song :)

  • Diego

    She sang Paparazzi and Alejandro, confirmed. Add those to the list.

  • Diego Monster

    What about dance in the dark?Read the wikia

  • Andrew

    where’s Dance In The Dark? I hope she add to next concerts!

  • Mahlateimuri

    oh fuck
    wish i was un her concert

  • Gagalovesrussia

    i want to see dance in the dark in the set-list

  • Diego Monster

    Between Paparazzi y scheisse is the part where they killed the bitch:) And next of Bloody Mary there’s a Interlude 😉 Your welcome

  • Diego Monster

    Sorry , next to telephone there’s an interlude:)

  • Diego Monster

    And next to heavy metal lover is the scene of I DONT GIVE A FUCK :) we dont give a fuck because we’re bad kids.

  • Mario

    Before of Heavy Metal lover there’s an interlude

  • Yennie 97


  • Hether

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Hausofsj

    Princess die is in there also there is KGB between highway unicorn and gh

  • Lucas Araujo

    i want to see speechless in the set-list <3

  • gagasgovernmenthooker

    saw it in london, amazing show but a shame she had to miss out first 3 songs of act 4 :'(

    • Vikie | Lady Gaga ?

      I know right that totally sucked :(

      • BTlol

        Why did she miss them?

  • Alejandro

    Wait didnt Dance In The Dark make the setlist?????

  • Shaun

    So excited, she’s in South Africa and I get to see the show this FRIDAY!!!!

  • Rick | Lady Gaga

    this setlist is kinda messed up