Lady Gaga on Oprah’s Next Chapter

Lady Gaga was featured on Oprah’s Next Chapter and clips of the Born This Way Foundation Launch as well! Oprah’s show documented the launch of the Born This Way Foundation Launch. Lady Gaga reveals that she will be taking a media break and more, watch exclusive clips that weren’t aired + the 2 hour interview below:





Exclusive Webisode: Oprah Speaks at Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation Launch

During the launch of the Born This Way Foundation—a youth empowerment organization founded by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia—Oprah spoke to students, professors and honored guests gathered in Harvard University’s historic Memorial Hall. Watch Oprah’s entire speech and find out why she says Gaga’s mission aligns with her core beliefs.

Exclusive Webisode: Oprah’s Q&A with Lady Gaga at Harvard University

Oprah sits down with Lady Gaga for a candid question-and-answer session during the Born This Way Foundation launch at Harvard University. Watch as Gaga reveals what inspired her to speak out about love, kindness and acceptance. Plus, find out more about the Born Brave Bus, the organization’s three pillars—safety, skills and opportunity—and her hope for the future.

Exclusive Webisode: Who Is Lady Gaga?

Oprah asks Lady Gaga a question that spiritual leader Deepak Chopra once asked her: “Who are you?” Gaga’s answer may surprise you. Plus, this music superstar reveals what she really wants out of life.

Exclusive Webisode: What Lady Gaga Dislikes Most About Fame

Lady Gaga says what she dislikes most about fame is that people think you don’t have time for their problems. How did she get her friends and family to share their hardships with her? Find out now.


Check out photos of the show:


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