Lady Gaga’s assistant explains her absence from Twitter

As we all might know, Lady Gaga has been very quiet on Twitter recently and has not been tweeting many tweets. Some lucky fans got to meet her assistant, Sonja, in Chicago a few hours ago today. She told them that she is aware of how much her fans want ARTPOP and that Gaga feels very bad about it.

She just needs to focus on her health right now and even I keep yelling at her like YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Finally, she added that Lady Gaga can read all of the hateful messages sent to her on Twitter by her fans and she has requested Sonja to let the fans know to stop that. Watch a video below:


Lady Gaga also took to Twitter to thank her fans for the wonderful birthday wishes she received earlier today.

So many bouquets, chocolates, cupcakes champagne and gifts I feel like a princess. Thank you for all your birthday wishes, I’m so lucky. :)


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  • ???¢??†?¢ ????¢ ????

    wtf that was Tara


    why cant people just wait when gaga is feeling better let her recoup gaga needs it her album will come out when it does i rather gaga in good health

  • Gods and monsters

    listen my born this way cover

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  • LivnDeadGirlXx

    Her own fans are sending her hate messages? They need to get their own lives. Gaga is a human being her health is way more important then anything else.