Lady Gaga to Skype call on January 17th

GREAT NEWS Little Monsters! Lady Gaga will be doing a live chat on Skype on January 17th at 2pm PST/5pm EST and 10pm GMT!

Now’s your chance to see Lady Gaga live, uncut and offstage. Watch as our lucky sweepstakes winners talk upcoming music, costumes and backstage moments – all live, and face-to-face, with Lady Gaga. Want to join? Submit your questions via Ustream during the live call. Mother Monster could answer yours!


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1. Where will the call take place?
The call will be streamed live on Ustream and available to watch on multiple platforms including and

2. What time?
2:00 PM PST

3. How do I view the call?
Go to

4. What if I can’t watch the call live?
You can watch the archived video on Ustream. We’ll also share it on the Skype YouTube channel soon.

5. How long is the call?
There is no set duration for the call.

6. How can I ask Lady Gaga a question?
To submit your question, go to and sign in to the social stream with either your Ustream login or your Twitter or Facebook logins to leave a comment or question in the Ustream chat feed.

7. How many questions will Gaga be answering?
There is no set number for the call.

8. Can I be on the video call?
No, only sweepstakes winners will be on the group video call with Lady Gaga. But, we’ll be taking questions live from the UStream chat feed.

9. What if I’m not at a computer?
You can watch the video and participate via UStream’s mobile app.

10. Where will I see my questions?
Once you enter your question(s), it will appear in the Ustream chat feed. Keep in mind, when there are many users submitting questions at the same time, this feed may move rather quickly making it difficult to spot your question.

11. I didn’t see my question posted in the chat. Where is it?
The chat may move quite fast, so there’s a chance your question was part of the feed but you didn’t notice it. If so, feel free to post again.

12. Why won’t Ustream let me post multiple questions in a row?
UStream has a limit on how often you can post questions. If it won’t let you post straight away, it may require you wait 30 seconds before submitting your next question.


If you could ask anything to Gaga, what would you ask? Tell us in the comments below!




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  • Nikki Hayes

    *jumps up and down* I can’t wait, glad its at a time in GMT when I’ll be around. We should be able to pump her for info on ARTPOP, a release date being top of my list ;o)

  • Mons†er PONY-BO.oY

    Could you talk about a typical day on the road?? Love Ya Gagaloo (“”) (^_^)? (“”)

  • Cristina Romo

    How is ARTPOP going to be different from the other albums that you have put out?

  • Guest

    if my timezone is UTC+2 so what time the call will be? XD

  • Vanessa Flores

    Are you already planning the Artpop tour? If yes, how will it be like? If not, how would you imagine or like it to be? :)

  • ??Brandon Scherrer??

    where’s the link to connect with her?

  • haus of lauren

    Skype call with GAGA.. I’m like crying right now!!

  • haus of lauren

    When is artpop being released?! I’m gonna save up and buy it the day it comes out, omg I’m so excited right now 😀

  • alice

    Which Cities will you be Doing Your Next Tour? =)

  • Annalize

    please can you come do a CD signing in Stoke-on-trent? we love you xxxx

  • Emma O’Brien ?

    What is your favorite part of the tour? and can you tell us some secrets? :) xxxxx